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Vegan traveling made simple

Last weekend was amazing! Not just because I spent the time with my girls and Fabi but also because of all the vegan food in Liverpool. That’s why I wanted to share my experience with you and give some useful tips for vegan traveling. So, are you interested in these topics? Just read on!

Weekend trip over Manchester to Liverpool

We started our trip from Nuremberg airport to Manchester. Against our expectations waiting for the bus at Manchester airport was great. We were lucky because there was a little event with music, coffee and a lot of vegan food organized by the BBC Music festival. For the ones who aren’t that lucky, you can also have some vegan snacks at caffe nero or pret a manger directly at the bus station/airport. Their options are all marked with “vegan” and taste delicious – I’ve tried both locations :D.

Liverpool – the vegan heaven

Arriving in Liverpool we first stopped at the house Lisa is currently living in to leave all our bags and suitcases there. Afterwards we started into the city for dinner and went to Wetherspoons. Everyone who has been to the UK before probably knows this restaurant chain. You can get cheap and tasty food there, but it is very busy so make sure you are there early enough. I’ve been surprised by the vegan selection they offer, and you will find something there for sure. Drinks and food came really fast what was great because we all were very hungry. Wetherspoons is worth a visit if you are looking for cheap food.

My favorite spot was LIV organic. We’ve been there for breakfast on Saturday morning and this was so good. Doesn’t matter if you want sweet or savoury options, you can find both. You can get tasty food all day, by the way. It is not just a restaurant but also a supermarket with a huge choice of organic food – consequently my personal recommendation.

For dinner we actually wanted to go to down the hatch, but we didn’t get a table. They probably have amazing food as well. We went to pho instead – a Vietnamese restaurant. The summer rolls and als the curry tasted very good (may be to hot if you don’t like it spicy). We found it on bold street next to a lot of different restaurants with vegan meals. In short, it is very uncomplicated to find a restaurant with proper vegan meals in Liverpool. And because this is not the only city on this planet I’ll give you some information on how to travel as a vegan.

How to prepare for vegan traveling

It is all about preparation, definitely. Therefore, it is important to know how long you are going to stay, what your planned budget is for the trip and where you are staying. I can only tell you about the experiences I’ve made so far and in my opinion it is easy. If you have planned to stay in a hotel you can already start by choosing the right one. Look at veggie-hotels or veganhotels and find a hotel fitting to your plans. We’ve been to Ibiza or Berlin for example and had vegan options all over the whole day (even some sweet stuff).

Another opportunity is to contact your accommodation in advance and ask for the opportunities they have. We did this at the panoramic lodge in south tyrol for example and got a complete vegan dinner every evening. So choosing the right hotel makes it a lot easier but what if you are staying in an airbnb apartment during your stay.

In my opinion this is rather easier than more difficult. You can have a look for wholefood shops,  fruit markets, supermarkets or discounter nearby and check their product range (let me know if your are interested in a post about vegan food shopping as well). This saves money and you know all about the used ingredients. The recipe variation on the internet Is huge, so look theme up in advance so you know what you will need!

Of course you can bring some special ingredients like seitan fix or nutritional yeast from home if you have some space left in your suitcase or backpack. Actually this should be a good preparation for your trip.

How to find appropriate restaurants on vacation

What I can absolutely recommend is the app happy cow if you don’t want to prepare everything in advance. You can find vegan, vegetarian or regular restaurants with vegan options nearby or in the city you are going to next. Check their Instagram account for some inspiration. I am currently planning food spots for our Australia trip in December. There are so many locations…makes it even harder to decide. Off course you get all information about opening hours, phone number, location, links to social media, etc.. 

Apart from that you can also have a look at Ecosia, Google or Tripadvisor for some vegan locations around. If you don’t want to spend your time checking the phone just walk through the streets and have a look at the menu of different restaurants around you. It is very common to find vegan or vegetarian options marked in the menu.

What to eat in a “normal” restaurant

This leads me to the question: What should you eat in a normal restaurant? I think this is easier than it seams. In an Italian restaurant you can order a vegetarian pizza without cheese, pasta with tomato sauce (in a good Italian restaurant the pasta is made out of durum wheat semolina —> vegan) or a big portion of bruschetta with salad. Burger, Indian, Japanese or Chinese are normally always offering vegan options, too.

It is getting more difficult when we are coming to sweets or desserts. You need to be very lucky to find one vegan option but don’t have to high expectations. Apple rings or fruit sorbet are probably the most common possibilities. But my personal insider tip is asking the service. I know this sounds weird but they normally know or will ask the chef for you. 

As a result vegan traveling is simple. Of course there will be also countries where it is harder to find vegan options. Always be open-minded, kind and ask if you want to know what ingredients have been used. I’m sure you won’t go to bed hungry in the end. 

Lots of love,


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